Masked gunmen attack 25-y-o Christian women in Jharkhand

Published 28 April 2020  |  

A 25-year-old Christian woman in Sandih village, Jharkhand, suffered gunshot after masked gunmen knocked on the door of her family home at around 8 p.m. on April 16.

According to reports from Morning Star News, Neelam Purty is the daughter of Pastor Chamu Hassa Purty, who was murdered in October 2015.

On the day of the attack, Sharon Purty, Neelam's sister, had answered the door.

One of the gunmen asked Sharon "Is this the house of the pastor who was killed?" He continued to shout at the family members at the door and said "That pastor was killed, but you did not learn a lesson. You have continued assembling in large numbers for Christian prayers. Where is the woman working as spy?"

The gunmen referred to Neelam as a spy and threatened to kill her. The mother of the two daughters told the gunmen that they were not spies.

While they were still questioning Sharon, Neelam came to the door.

Sharon explained that the masked gunman pointed at Neelam and screamed, "She is the one – she is the spy!"

The mother was pleading the men to leave but one of the gunmen hinted the other to shoot Neelam.

"He fired at her – she was standing there with her hands straight, and the bullet pierced into her right thigh through her thumb," Sharon told Morning Star News. "Our father was shot to death in that same room. We cried for help, and both the gunmen got on a motorbike and sped away from there."

Neelam survived the attack but was seriously injured. She was rushed to a local hospital for treatment.

The incident was reported to the local police and they are now investigating the matter.

According to Morning Star News, the local police have several leads but have none under custody.

Back in 2015, Pastor Purty was murdered in the same house after he had finished praying for a sick boy in a neighbouring village.


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