Kirk Cameron to host Season 2 of Christian game show 'National Bible Bee', says he's always been a fan of the show

Published 20 March 2017  |  
(Screenshot/National Bible Bee)
Kirk Cameron (right) is thrilled to host the second season of the National Bible Bee Game Show.

"Growing Pains" star Kirk Cameron has taken on a new role. This time, he will be the host of Season 2 of "The National Bible Bee Game Show," a competition that tests the Bible memorisation skills of children.

Cameron said he's thrilled to host the show, especially since he enjoys watching it. "Since the National Bible Bee started in 2009, I've been a fan and supporter," Cameron, a father of six, told The Christian Post. "'The National Bible Bee Game Show' stirs up fun, excitement and a lot of 'intended consequences' in homes worldwide."

Joining Cameron on stage as guest judges and co-hosts are former professional baseball players Jason and David Benham, as well as "National Bible Bee Game Show" winners Hannah Leary and Emeal Zwayne.

This season, 72 young contestants aged 7 to 18 years will compete against each other for the chance to win the $260,000 cash prize. The primary range will have contestants aged 7 to 10, the junior range 11 to 14, and senior range 15 to 18. The top three from each age division will later compete in a bracket-style Scripture-knowledge tournament.

Leary, who won the show in 2015, said there's more to the game than just pure memorisation. "It's not just memorising Scripture," she explained. "It's studying Scripture and being able to dive in deep and understand what God has to say in His Word."

The show, which is produced by Enthuse Entertainment, will be aired by NRB Network, CTN and UPLIFT TV. Season 2 began filming inJanuary and will premiere on April 4.

The National Bible Bee was conceived thanks to a brave young girl named Shelby Kennedy, who passed away at the age of 23 due to cancer. During her last days, Kennedy devoted her time studying the Word of God, according to the organisation's website.

The non-profit ministry Shelby Kennedy Foundation was founded because of her love for God, and the ministry started the National Bible Bee in 2009 with the aim of igniting the fire among Christians to study the Bible.


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