Justin Bieber shares Christian message with fans at concert: 'Mark my words Jesus loves you'

Published 22 March 2017  |  
(Screenshot/Twitter Video/ANZ Stadium)
Justin Bieber kneels down and brings his hands together for prayer during his 'Purpose' concert in Sydney.

The Word of God has truly touched the heart of Canadian pop superstar Justin Bieber, so much so that he makes it a point to spread His message of goodwill every chance he gets.

On Wednesday, the singer, who is a proud attendee of Hillsong Church, shared his faith to over 70,000 people during his "Purpose" concert in ANZ Stadium, Sydney, according to The Daily Mail.

The 23-year-old singer descended onto the stage while inside a transparent box, and in it, he wrote the message: "Mark my words Jesus loves you!!!!"

This was not the first time Bieber turned his concert stage as a platform for the Lord. During a concert in Paris recently, he even sang an impromptu rendition of the Christian song, "I Could Sing Your Love Forever."

Back in 2015, Bieber surprised a reviewer from the Los Angeles Times, who attended his "Purpose" concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

Bieber started the show by riding his skateboard to the centre of the arena, then began singing acoustic versions of old and new songs. He then shared a film highlighting each song from his new album "Purpose."

Bieber then shared with his audience the deep love he has for God. "Between the skateboarding and the singing, though, Bieber sat on a stool next to Judah Smith, the man described as his pastor, and more or less preached," the L.A. Times said in its review of the concert.

"He talked about the importance of maintaining a positive spirit and surrounding himself with encouraging people," the review said. "He credited his connection with God for helping him to get back on his feet after a string of widely publicized tabloid troubles. And when a fan in the audience — one of a dozen or so selected by the singer's team for a question-and-answer session — asked if he had any advice on how to get through a romantic breakup, he demurred, flashing a bit of the humility that every religious leader knows is crucial in establishing a bond with one's flock."


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