ISIS Threatens to Attack Vatican on Christmas

Published 27 November 2017  |  

The Islamic State has threatened to attack the Vatican on Christmas, calling it the "Christmas blood" attack.

In a propaganda video released by ISIS supporters, a masked man-like figure is shown heading toward the Vatican with a gun and a backpack, supposedly containing a bomb. The video concluded with words "Christmas blood. So wait..."

Vatican, the representation of Christianity and the West, is the prime target for ISIS militants. Security is being geared up in the Vatican and in other places around the world as the Christmas season approaches.

In 2015, ISIS carried an attack in San Bernardino, California, during Christmas season, which killed 14 people.

Since the terrorist group is losing more and more ground in the Middle East, the seat of their so-called "caliphate", it is looking for opportunities to strengthen their offense on isolated attacks in other and various parts of the world. In this way, the group will try to compensate for losing territory they previously controlled.


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