Husband threatens to kill wife after discovering her new faith in Christ

Published 31 December 2019  |  

In Mubende, Uganda, a 27-year-old mother of three was rejected by her husband after he discovered her new faith in Christ.

Florence Namuyiga converted to Christianity in May and started attending church in secret. She always took two of her younger kids with her to church and left the 7-year-old son at home.

After six months, she finally decided to take her older son to church. The night they returned home from church, the older child started to sing church songs in his father's presence. When the 34-year-old father Abudalah Nsubuga questioned from where he learned the song, the young child revealed about the church service.

Upset with wife, Nsubuga went to bed without talking to her.

After a week, Nsubuga asked Namuyiga to attend mosque prayer with him. She refused. Angry Nsubuga kicked Namuyiga and puncher her and beat her with sticks. She was seriously injured.

He later went to mosque alone and came back home the next day and threatened Namuyiga to leave the house with the three kids if not he would kill her.

Namuyiga left her husband the same day and has been hiding since then. She is determined to hold on to her new faith despite threats and lack of support from her husband.


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