Hundreds of people gather at Jantar Mantar to protest against CAA

Published 06 March 2020  |  

On March 4, hundreds of Dalits, Tribals, Christians and Muslims from different parts of the country gather at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi to protested against the implementation of Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), the proposed National Register of Citizens (NRC) and the National Population Register (NPR).

The protest was organized by the civil right group, Save Nation Save Constitution Committee, where protesters expressed their concerns over the controversial CAA.

The right group issued a statement saying, "The unleashing of violence by anti social elements under the political backing on the citizens of the nation, particularly women from marginalized religious and caste communities around the country has led to a state of unprecedented insecurity among people."

For Father Vincent Ekka from Chhattisgarh, "The government is targeting the Muslims now but soon it will target other communities too. So we should stop the divisive forces soon."

The Christian leader also emphasized on having a separate column for Tribals in 2021 census as they have different identity and culture.

According to Tribal activist, Nitheesha Xalxo, the CAA not only excludes Muslims but also marginalizes Dalits, Adivasis, poor and other minority communities.

"What they are trying to do with the Muslims today can happen with others in future," said Xalxo, who is an assistant professor at Daulat Ram College under the Delhi University.

Thirumavalavan, an activist, a Dalit leader and a Member of Parliament from Tamil Nadu, said that "The introduction of controversial law is an attack on the secular character of the Constitution."

The right group challenged the government to take decisions over the matter or it will hold a massive demonstration on March 27 and intensify the protest.


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