'Hopeless' Muslim Family Try To Commit Suicide — But God Heals Them, With Dead Son Even Restored To Life

Published 23 February 2017  |  
(YouTube Screenshot/Jason Asselin)
A mysterious figure appears on the horizon in this video posted on YouTube, with some viewers saying it's an apparition of Jesus walking on water.

This Islamist radical intensely hated Christians. Named Ismail, this Muslim man from a South Asian country had attacked Christian churches, stoned preachers, and nearly killed a pastor by running over him using his motorised rickshaw, according to Bibles for Mideast.

But years later, this man is now a devout follower of Jesus.

What led to his transformation?

It all started when doctors discovered a tumor in the brain of his son, Afsal. Ismail would do anything to save his son. Thus, he sold his house and even his motorised rickshaw to be able to finance his son's treatment. He also borrowed a large amount of money.

But the money he spent for his son's treatment simply went down the drain. Despite the treatment, his son's condition even became worse as he was also diagnosed with leukaemia.

Ismail and his wife had no money left. With his rickshaw gone, he lost his source of income. And their son was dying.

Having lost all hope, he decided to end their misery by committing suicide.

Ismail, his wife and their son all drank poison and then walked as far as they could into the sea to drown.

But then some fishermen saw and rescued them, taking them to the nearest hospital.

Ismail and his wife survived, but not their son Afsal.

As the couple grieved, a group of Christians arrived uninvited and asked to pray for their son. To Ismail's utter shame, the Christians were led by Pastor Paul, the pastor he tried to kill years ago.

Pastor Paul then told Ismail, "If you personally believe Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior, He is able to heal your son Afsal and bring him back to life. It is only because of the Lord you were prevented from committing suicide."

The pastor then led the group of Christians in praying over the Muslim couple's son. As they ended their prayer, the young man who they all thought was already dead suddenly opened his eyes.

Ismail and his wife were stunned. Afsal then told his parents that Jesus placed his nail-pierced hands on his head and chest, and he "felt new blood flowing from my heart to my veins, like electricity."

Right at that moment, Ismail, his wife and his son embraced Jesus Christ and put their faith in Him as their Lord and Savior.

This was just one of the many miraculous healings directly attributed to Jesus that have occurred and reported in various places in the world.

Earlier this month, a Christian woman reportedly died while trying to swim across an icy river into China after escaping from a North Korean labour camp.

Miraculously, however, she regained her consciousness, recalling later that Jesus bodily carried her to safety to the Chinese side of the river.


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