Hong Kong Christians threatened over participation in pro-democracy protests

Published 02 December 2019  |  
(Photo: Pexels/Jimmy Chan)

Dozens of Hong Kong Christians have received threatening online messages after taking part in pro-democracy protests or voicing their support.

The Christian Times of Hong Kong said that the threatening messages had been sent via the WhatsApp messaging platform to Christians from various churches, seminaries and organisations.

It is not known who is behind the messages, which warn of consequences if the recipients do not stop speaking out about the protests.

One message told the recipient, "If you don't stop voicing your opinion, all the members of your family will die."

Another threatened to cut the person's limbs off.

Dr John Chan, of the Alliance Bible Seminary, is among those to have received an intimidating message. He said that at first he just blocked the number and didn't think too much of it.

But when he shared what had happened with friends and colleagues, he was concerned to discover that it wasn't an isolated incident and that several had received threatening messages too.

They have since formed a group to monitor the threats and there are now more than 30 members, all of whom have received intimidating messages.

According to the Christian Times, the group members have not reported the threats to the police because they have lost confidence in the authorities in light of the brutality against protesters.

One of the demands of the pro-democracy protesters is an independent inquiry into police brutality.

The South China Morning Post reported this week that over 1,200 complaints have been made about the police's handling of the anti-government protests.


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