Hindu radicals attack Bible college students during outreach; two in critical condition

Published 20 February 2007  |  
Five students studying at a Bible college run by mission group Gospel for Asia (GFA) were beaten by a group of Hindu radicals while sharing the Gospel on the streets of a local village in India, February 18.

The students were attacked while on a routine evening outreach in a local village in Maharashtra where they gave out Gospel tracts entitled "How to Know God," reported GFA.

Two of the students are in critical conditions after Sunday's beating.

The attack reportedly began when five young extremists threatened, "We're going to kill you," and began beating the young students. Forty more militants were said to have joined in the attack on the five Christian young men.

According to GFA, doctors had refused to treat the seriously injured students until the police filed a report. The students were eventually admitted for care after the police report was completed.

Two of the students remain in critical conditions with serious head injuries and bleeding.

"Unfortunately, attacks like these are becoming an almost daily occurrence," said GFA founder–president Dr. K.P. Yohannan, in a statement.

India's population is composed of 80.5 percent Hindus, 13.4 percent Muslims, and 2.3 percent Christians, according to the CIA World Factbook.

Hindu hard–liners have passed anti–conversion laws in several states in India that would make proselytizing and conversion illegal. Also, there are reports of many Hindu extremists groups using threats and violence to force Christians to reconvert back to Hinduism.

"Please pray that these young Bible college students will heal quickly, and that they will be encouraged," urged Dr. Yohannan. "Also, pray that the anti–Christians who beat the students will be saved."


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