Hindu radical demands Christians to shutdown the "Divine Call Center" in Mulki

Published 28 August 2019  |  

Sharan Pumpwell, local secretary of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and an ultra-nationalist Hindu radical from Karnataka is asking Christians to shutdown their prayer centers and accusing them of carrying out forced conversions of Hindus to Christianity.

According to him, conversion is a part of systematic conspiracy. He demands an investigation and control of all religious centers in the state. He wants to bring back converts to nationalist organization by seeking the help of all Hindus.

In his recent press conference in Udupi, Pumpwell called a Catholic prayer center in Mulki as "Divine Call Center." To him, the center carries out forced conversions of Hindus to Christianity and insults Hindu religion.

Further referring to Christian schools in general, Pumpwell explained, "Many families are victims of conversion. There are examples of brainwashed students. The missionaries promise to support poor children by giving them money and helping them study. But then they force them to change their religion. The poor are their main target, they are seduced by education and hostels". He promised to push the central government to implement an anti-conversion law.

President of the Global Council of Indian Christians, Sajan K George strongly condemned the allegations of forced conversion. He said the Divine Call Center of Mulki is a place of prayer and people come there to seek peace and consolation in their lives. "No one is coerced, no one is forced to participate in prayer. Conversion charges are fabricated. Thousands of people attended this center experiencing renewal, healing and new life. There has never been any coercion or forced conversion," he added.

George said the question of conversions is fished out by some extremists just to gain media attention. "At the moment, Karnataka is under a terrible flood, the economy is weak, the difficulties and unemployment are increasing among the farmers. This is just another attempt to divert attention from real problems. The government's census shows that the Christian population has already dropped. These far-right rogues act for personal and political purposes and try to arouse sectarian tensions with accusations of forced conversions," he explained.


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