Hindu Extremists Beat Christian Missionaries in Bihar

Published 15 March 2018  |  
Prayer service of a native ministry whose workers were attacked by Hindu extremists in Bihar state, India.

A mob of 70 hard-line Hindus have attacked Christians travelling in a bus in Bettiah, Bihar, on Feb. 26. The mob interrogated the Christians asking them the purpose of their visit and accused them of forced conversions.

A native missionary for the Gospel Echoing Missionary Society (GEMS), D. Joseph, as well as another Christian, Baldev Singh were among the Christian victims, including women and children.

The two sustained several internal injuries and was hospitalized in a state of deep shock, Rev. Pr Mariosh Joseph, coordinator of GEMS in Bihar told Morning Star News. The latter was hospitalized with internal damage to his ear that caused some loss of hearing.

He said that the attackers began cursing and accusing the Christians of "always converting innocent and poor villagers."

Christians are accused of visiting to lure the innocent and poor villagers with money and benefits.

"It was evident from the mob that it was a pre-planned attack," said Mariosh Joseph.

"There was a media person present to record and publish the entire episode in the media, along with the Hindu extremist mob," he added.

They also used foul language as they threatened the Christians, said Pr Palanivelu, the GEMS zonal superintendent.

"Even being in a public place, no one came to their rescue, and passersby were mere spectators as the mob beat both the Christians mercilessly, while the other Christian teammates cried for help," he added.

Police recorded the statements of Joseph and Singh but refused to file a First Information Report, though a Medico-Legal Case was filed against unknown persons, said Mariosh Joseph.

"The police in most of the cases are biased and try to see how they can frame the victims, rather than doing the other way around," he added.


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