Growing persecution in Burkina Faso

Published 30 January 2020  |  

Staring from 2019, the ongoing attacks carried out by Islamic extremists has made Burkina Faso a ground with fastest growing humanitarian crisis in Africa, International Christian Concern (ICC) reported.

These continued attacks have displaced around 530,000 people in the region.

In a recent attack on Sunday, when the Islamic radicals raided a local market in Silgadji town in northern Soum province, at least 10 people were killed. The death toll, however, was reported as high as 50.

In the same town, Islamic militants had executed a pastor and fours others in April 2019.

After witnessing such attacks, there is growing tension among Christians in the region and a large population from north has moved to south fearing their lives.

Looking at the growing crisis because of the Islamic extremists, Christians in the region are more vulnerable to violence.

ICC reported that if these activities are not stopped soon, there are possibilities that the terrorism will spread throughout West Africa.


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