Gospel Singer Carman Credits Fans' Prayers for Helping Him Beat 'Incurable' Cancer

Published 26 October 2016  |  
Carman shared this photo collage to help promote his 'Night of Victory' campaign.

Gospel singer Carman Licciardello, simply known to his fans as Carman, was diagnosed with myeloma back in 2013 and was told that he only had three to four more years to live.

The news was devastating for anyone to hear, and Carman relied heavily on God's grace during that difficult time. Three years later, Carman is doing well, free of cancer. Carman shared his testimony on hisFacebook page to try to inspire his fans, encouraging them to never give up hope in God even during their most difficult times.

Carman posted a photo collage showing himself before cancer, while battling cancer, and after. There is also a photo of a teddy bear with the words "Someone's praying for me" written on it, and several other photos of cancer patients being handed the bear.

"With God's grace, coupled with your prayers and support, I won my war and today I'm 100 percent cancer-free," he wrote. "But the pictures you see are those in the thick of their battle. My campaign onGoFundMe is simply called 'A Night of Victory.' Backstage after every concert I personally give a special Prayer Bear to those in cancer treatment right now."

Carman said prayers are truly important, and for cancer patients, knowing that someone else is praying for their welfare can significantly boost their spirits. The singer now hopes to raise funds so he can provide full-production concerts for free for the benefit of cancer patients, their families, the nurses, doctors and everybody else who are in need of a miracle.

"Our concerts and tours have an added dimension of hope and healing that we've never had before. But I need your donations and support to keep going," he said. "People come to these concerts with their faith held high, believing for a miraculous touch from God. And they aren't disappointed. Please open your heart right now to help me bring this 'Night of Victory' to these precious people who need this event."

Carman said there are 10 different levels of giving, and depending on how much fans donate, they can receive gifts such as CDs, TV shows, Carman's private picture diary, concert tickets, tour jackets, and personal thank you notes from Carman himself.

"Please allow the Lord to guide you as to what you will do," he said. "Plant an awesome seed for God to bless the harvest your believing for today."


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