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Goa Church Asks Christians to Facilitate Muslims Cemetery

Tuesday, October 10, 2017, 14:57 (IST)

The Goal Church on Sept. 30 has asked its members not to oppose Muslims cemetery as it is the basic right of every community.

Despite opposition from some Catholic leaders to an approved Muslim burial ground near Margao town in the state, the church has appealed to its followers to respect other communities and facilitate setting up of Muslim burial ground.

Fr Olavo Caiado, director of the Diocesan Centre for Social Communications, a unit of the Goa Church, said, "Disposal of dead bodies is a basic right of every religious community including Muslims."

"It has been observed that when there are attempts to purchase land or even find a site for a kabrasthan, there are often objections from some sections of the Catholic community who are opposed to Muslim cemetery," said Caiado, according to Web India123.

But burial of dead bodies is a basic right of human beings and therefore, making of a burial ground should not be opposed, he said.

"Sadly, in the present times, we see increasing intolerance and even open conflicts drifting us apart. We must reclaim our traditional social relations and once more be the peace-loving sisters and brothers that we always were," he said.

"Hence our earnest appeal for communal understanding and peace among the different communities in Goa," he added.