GFA says allegations politically motivated

Published 11 June 2008  |  
Gospel for Asia mission founder and President Dr K. P Yohannan brushed aside all allegations of "swindling" and "fraud", after a team of Kerala police from the intelligence department led an inquiry over how the trust received and spent a massive Rs 900 crore of donations from abroad.

Gospel for Asia's “unprecedented” success in India is being attacked through the media by Hindu fundamentalists, said K.P. Yohannan, who is currently in Dallas, Texas.

Recently, a popular weekly magazine in the country reported of Dr. K P Yohannan being arrested and his office being raided by the police in its investigation.

Commenting on the miswritten report, the Christian leader said, “They said they had no clue how that had gotten into the magazine, which is not true. And they found out there is somebody within the office who deliberately planted that at the last minute. It is totally a misinformation.”

Several Christian organizations, Yohannan says, have been deliberately attacked in this “propaganda war.”

“We learned that this is a whole new, carefully thought–through strategy to hurt the work of God by propaganda... Many, many ministries are coming under such attack.”

Also under the lens is a land transaction worth Rs 130 crore said to have been undertaken by the trust some months back. The Church, however, denied the charges and claimed that its working was transparent.

Dr. K P Yohannan founded the Gospel for Asia based in Thiruvalla, Kottayam district in 1986 and the Believers Church in 2001. His popularity in India rose after the mission’s radio broadcasting, “Athmiya Yatra" (Spiritual Journey), became widely accepted by the people. Currently GFA Radio airs evangelistic programs in over 103 languages in India.


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