Geneva Protest Highlights Abuses Against Christians, Dalits in India

Published 09 October 2017  |  
Banners outside UNHRC office in Geneva.

A campaign took place outside the headquarters of United Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHRC), Geneva, condemning attacks against Christians, Dalits and indigenous people by Hindu radical groups, demanding privileges for these groups and also bringing India's deprived human rights record and treatment of its oppressed minorities to light.

As a part of the awareness campaign, Christian human rights groups and Dalit advocacy groups have placed posters and banners on trams running across the city, highlighting the prejudice and persecution the minorities face in India.

According to the News, banners highlighting violence against Christians and Dalits read, "India, lower castes need your mercy and attention", "India, do not burn churches", "India, shun religious extremism", "India, please stop using rape as a tool against the weak", and "respect religious places of minorities, it's their basic right".

These banners stood besides iconic 'Broken Chair' referring to the burning of churches and attacking Christian missions across India, which are on the rise since Narendra Modi's government.

Other banners were in support of Kashmir's indigenous movement of independence from India, and they read "Jammu and Kashmir seeks attention' and 'Kashmir needs justice'.

Some others read, "free indigenous Tripura' and 'free Nagaland".

Banners in support of indigenous people and Dalits read, "indigenous people suffering", "manual scavenging by Dalits in 21st century is a crime", "stop violence against women, 'India, no to terror attacks on minorities", "India stop violence", "no to children labour", "India, don't we deserve clean drinking water" and "Dalits equal citizens?".


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