First 3D film on Jesus soon

Published 01 June 2012  |  
History will be made when the movie 'Thirty Pieces of Silver' will be released in India and across the world.

It will be the first 3D film on the life of Jesus Christ, produced at a cost of Rs 35 Crores.

Directed by Kurien Varanasala, the movie will be released in 5000 theatres throughout the world and will be produced in nine languages including Tamil, Malayalam and English.

The shoot of the movie, which is expected to hit the cinemas next Easter, will reportedly begin by end of July with many schedules planned in Jerusalem.

Besides Jerusalem, the shooting locations include Ramoji Rao Film City in Hyderabad. The crucifixion scenes would be shot in Hampi in Karnataka.

"It took us almost a decade to finish the script based on the New Testament," the producer Johny Sagarika told the TOI.

Sagarika said the Director had already held many rounds of discussions with experts on Bible for what will be the first-ever 3D film on Jesus Christ.

The 300-strong cast will include 50 from Kerala. The main characters, including that of the 12 disciples will be played by new faces.

The movie, titled Muppathu Vellikkasu in Tamil, will rope in top technicians from abroad.


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