Family Keeps Son's Corpse in Church for 10 Days, Offers Prayers to Bring Him Back to Life

Published 14 November 2017  |  
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In a country like India, many people have added some extra ingredients to Christian faith and made a salad of black magic and superstition, deviating from the scriptures. Even some so called 'Christian institutions' and 'spiritual gurus' have approved of such practices to attract large crowds.

A recent incident in Ambernath of Thane district of Maharashtra left everyone shocked as a Christian family of a deceased son kept his dead body in church and prayed for almost 10 days waiting eagerly for some miracle that would bring him back to life.

Local people from Nagpada in Mumbai informed the police about the dreadful act going on at the Jesus for all Nations church in Ambernath west.

Mishakh Navhis, 17-year-old, had died on Oct. 27 after fighting cancer.

His father who is a Bishop with the church in Nagpada believed that if the family prayed in their church, keeping the deceased with them, something supernatural will happen and the deceased son would come back to life.

The family had kept the deceased in an electrically cooled box meant for keeping corpse and conducted prayers for more than a week.

Upon notification from the locals, police arrived at the scene and warned the family to not indulge in such practices and advised them to carry out the last rites of the body.

The family took the body to Chinchpokli, Mumbai, where they reside, and conducted last rites of the deceased.

"We got information about the prayers being conducted at the Jesus for all Nations church and accordingly a team was sent there. The boy had died a natural death due to some ailment but the family believed he would come back to life if they prayed to God. They finally took the body to their residence on Sunday evening to carry out the last rites," said B.D. Wagh, senior police inspector from Ambernath Police Station.

No First Information Report has been registered against the family members.


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