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CSI Pleads for Help as Death Toll Climbs 190 in Kerala

Tuesday, August 28, 2018, 20:56 (IST)

The Church of South India (CSI) has appealed for help as flood waters "wreak havoc" in Kerala.

According to the control room of the State Disaster Management, the death toll climbed to 194 since Aug. 8 as unprecedented torrential rains caused severe flooding in parts of Kerala. In addition, over 3.14 lakh people have been moved to relief camps across the state; and red alert has been issued in 11 districts.

August 8 has climbed to 194, according to the control room of the State Disaster Management. Over 3.14 lakh people have been moved to relief camps across the state as the state is facing its worst flood in 100 years with dams opened and all rivers in spate.

The six dioceses of the united CSI are already active in relief work and are now urging "all the Christian organizations in India [and] sister churches to express their solidarity and proactively engage in the relief work, which will be a great support they can extend to the Keralites in this time of calamity."

"Houses are destroyed by the floods and gushing water from the dams in fury," the CSI said.

"Educational institutions and religious buildings including churches are destroyed by this vigorous southwest monsoon," it added.

There are all the chances of the spreading of contagious diseases because of the deluge. Food, clothes, and medical aid are the immediate needs of the victims.

The Anglican Alliance will arrange for international support.

Over 600 relief camps have been provided by the government to house those displaced.

"Kerala in recent history has never witnessed heavy rains as this, which forced the state government to open the shutters of around 22 dams, including Idukki damn, which is the biggest arch dam in Asia," the CSI said.