Controversial Remark on Christ: Complaint Filed Against Ilayaraja

Published 04 April 2018  |  
Music maestro Ilayaraja

Christians in Trichy, Tamil Nadu, have filed a complaint against music maestro Ilayaraja for his recent comment questioning the credibility of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In his talk in the the United States that took place a few days ago, Ilayaraja had made the controversial comment, expressing doubts about the resurrection of Jesus. He reportedly claimed that only the Hindu saint Ramana maharshi resurrected.

As his remarks had hurt Christian sentiments, more than 50 members and office-bearers of Christhuva Nallenna Iayakkam, a Christian organization, appealed Trichy police commissioner on March 29 and lodged the complaint.

"In our country, each one us has a right to follow any religion of his or her choice. No one should interfere or comment on that. We have great respect for music director Ilayaraja. But, we cannot bear his comments. He had raised doubts on Jesus Christ's resurrection, which is the ultimate belief of Christians, the organization's district secretary, I. Pushparaj, told TOI.

"He should apologise for his remarks or police should take action against him", he added.


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