Coalition of more than 3000 NGOs holds convention for post-2015 development agenda in Chennai

Published 07 January 2014  |  
A coalition of more than 3000 NGOs and developmental organisations across the country who formed the 'Wada Na Todo Abhiyan' (WNTA) gathered at a Convention in Chennai last month to discuss the development agenda post-2015.

Civil society organisations from diverse backgrounds came together at ICSA, Egmore on Dec. 12th, for the State Convention convened by WNTA Tamil Nadu Joint Committee focused on sensitizing communities on the post-2015 development agenda, and suggested recommendations to the State regarding the elimination of poverty and social exclusion.

The event included panel discussions on various subjects, release of the Tamil Nadu People's Charter for Humanity and a meeting of members on the future plans of action regarding the issues. Fr. Aruldass, Director, Tamil Nadu Social Service Society (TASOSS) delivered the inaugural addressfollowed by panel discussions comprising of eminent speakers including Dr. V. Vasanthi Devi (Former State Planning Commission member).

The panel discussion covered a number of pressing concerns in the fields of education, health, livelihoods, good governance, minorities and labor rights. The Tamil Nadu People's Charter for Humanity was also released at the event. Through thisCharter, the organizers hope to bring the government's attention to the loopholes in the implementation of the development programmes, with special focus on the rights to livelihood, health and education.

Mr. Reni Jacob, National Advocacy Director,World Vision India and a member of the WNTA Campaign Steering group, said "In this process, a people's chapter is evolved, which will be taken to political party leaders and policy makers to become a part of their manifesto. WNTA thus ensures that these voices are not only heard but acted upon. It translated their dreams and aspirations into reality."

Focussing on the grass root level focus of the initiative, Fr. Thomas Pallithanam, WNTA Steering Committee member said that the event helps the people at the grass root level to ask the right questions. "Often asking the right questions is more than half the answer, and helps in the creation of opportunities," he said. WNTA's efforts were aimed at addressing the questions following the Millenium Development Goals, the implementation of which was lacking in people's participation as it follows a top-to-bottom model. "WNTA addresses this trend and demands accountability and political will as voiced from the marginalized," said L. A. Samy, TNJAC member.

About Wada Na Todo Campaign: WNTA is a national campaign taken up by a coalition of more than 3000 civil society organizations in India, and works for the elimination of poverty, social exclusion and discrimination. Formed at the World Social Forum 2004 (Mumbai), WNTA attempts to monitor the progress made by the government in meeting the objectives of the U.N Millennium Declaration (2000), the National Development Goals and the National Common Minimum Program (2004-09).

TASOSS is an organisation of TN Bishops Council working under Justice Peace and Development Commission spread across TN and Pondicherry.

About World Vision India : World Vision India is a Christian humanitarian organization working across 174 locations in the country to create lasting change in the lives of children, families and communities living in poverty and injustice.

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