Church's Annual Run Helps to Provide Clean Water to Poor Countries

Published 10 October 2017  |

For last ten years, Harmony Bible Church in Danville, Calif., has been raising funds to provide clean water to people in Ethiopia, Haiti, Chad, Sierra Leone, the Philippines, Pakistan and Congo.

People living in poor countries of Africa and Asia have to walk miles just to fill their buckets with unsanitary water.

Harmony Bible Church's annual 12:1 Run has raised money to buy chlorine generators, which sanitizes water that can be used for drinking. The chlorine generators are delivered by the members of the church who go on world mission trips every year, according to the Hawk Eye.

Pure Water for All Foundation, a nonprofit organization in Washington, Iowa, makes chlorine generators that are affordable.

Early next month, the church is said to hold its 10th annual run, expecting over 500 participants.

"It's our 10th anniversary, so we're pretty excited to reach that milestone," said Amy Whitaker, race director.

The church Run consists of a half-marathon, 15K run/walk, 10K run/walk and 5K run/walk. It will begin at 8 a.m. on Oct. 7.

Besides running, there will be music and food for the participants. Several Christian bands will be staged along the course, motivating the runners.

"When they think they can't go any further, they hear the music, and it spurs them on," said Whitaker.


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