Church Teaches How to Evangelize Other Faiths

Published 03 November 2017  |  

Church leaders have urged Christian missionaries, evangelists and Bible teachers to be more cautious in sharing the Christian faith with adherents of other religions. The challenges of witnessing the Christian faith with believers of other faiths have been detailed in a new release by Churches Together in Britain and Ireland (CTBI).

The study, 'Acting in God's Love: Christian witness in a multi-religious world', published earlier this month, explores the complexities and challenges to consider in evangelism and witnessing to people of other religions. The study is based on a series of real-life case studies.

The CTBI urged Christian leader to recognize that conversion to Christianity is an important decision by the believer, and can bring pain to near and dear ones, and lead to isolation from the convert's former community.

"When we encourage others to join us, are we prepared to take responsibility for the resulting life-changes this may bring?" read the report from CTBI.

Evangelism begins with building relationships of trust and respect between faith groups. Cooperation for a common good is an effective method of conveying to the other faith that conversion is not the sole idea of the church.

Christians must listen carefully to comprehend others' beliefs properly when the two engage in interfaith talks.

"...acknowledge and appreciate what is true and good in them", read the report.

"Any comment or critical approach should be made in a spirit of mutual respect, making sure not to bear false witness concerning other religions," it added.


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