Church delivers hundreds of Prayer Packs to frontline workers in Nagaland quarantine centers

Published 27 May 2020  |  
Nagaland Baptist Church Council

Last Sunday, the Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC) came forward with "Prayer Pack" gift packages for inmates and frontline workers at the two state-run quarantine centers in K Badze and Meriema in Kohima district that are set up for people returning to the state from different countries.

The Prayer Pack included a prayer letter from NBCC, Gideon Bible, face mask, NBCC newsletter, and basic items like biscuit, juice, chocolate, toilet rolls, soap, toothbrush, and paste.

At the quarantine centers, a team led by Reverend Zelhou Keyho, general secretary of NBCC, delivered 850 Prayer Packs, prayed for the well-being of frontline workers, and thanked them for their sacrifice and hard work.

"We realise the stress and tension they go through handling the incoming returnees every day. We saw the dedication in all of them though physically, mentally, and psychologically they are overwhelmed. Many of us are complaining and giving wise direction without knowing the reality they face each day. They deserve our support in every possible way," Keyho explained.

Vikuo Rhi, youth secretary of NBCC, wanted the returnees to know that they are being remembered in prayers. He encouraged them to "pray and stay close to God besides taking care of themselves physically."

"There is nothing impossible with God," the youth secretary said. Furthemore, he asked the returnees to stay positive and read the Bible for their spiritual and physical wellbeing.

Meanwhile, many churches and organisations are voluntarily coming forward to help the frontline workers and food committees at the quarantine centers.

"We are really touched by their love and concern. It's not an easy task preparing food for so many people and we are very grateful," a food committee member told The Morung Express.

"Some have also given us drinking water and two trips of water tanker when we needed. We are overwhelmed by the positive response from all these organisations and we are also trying to compile the list of all those helping us at this time," she said.


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