Church completely destroyed, police fail to take strict actions

Published 11 October 2019  |  

A church in Sirpur Kagaznagar, Telangana was completely destroyed by unknown attackers on September 26 leaving the congregation of 50 in deep anguish.

Located in Komaram Bheem district, the Devin Grace Church started operating in 2004 and has regular attendees.

The church building made up of bricks and mortar and was inaugurated just six months ago.

Pastor Samson, the head pastor of the church suspects that the demolition was carried out by Hindu radicals as a part of a larger hate campaign against Christians. "Several similar incidents of church demolitions and attacks on Christians have been reported in this area," the pastor said.

"For most of the past 15 years my ministry has not had any adverse situations. But there has been an anti-Christian sentiment growing over the past few years," the pastor added.

Thus far, the local police have not conducted a serious investigation of the event and refused to file an FIR. They, in turn, told the Christians to not to make a communal issue of what had happened.

A similar event of church destruction also occurred in Luxettipet town on July 18 and the local police have failed to take any actions against the attackers.


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