Church Body Insists to Choose 'God Fearing' Political Leaders in India

Published 30 August 2017  |  
Baptist Church and Memorial Gate

A Church body on Aug. 27 urged the citizens of Nagaland to elect political leaders who appreciate individual's faith without discrimination.

Pointing out to the declining democracy status of the nation and the alarming rise in the persecution rate of Christians, the Ao Baptist Church Council (ABAM) appealed to the Christians to "choose God fearing leaders who understand the aspirations of the people and who can contribute selflessly towards providing stable governance."

In a statement, ABAM said the citizens of Nagaland will restrain from voting in the forthcoming Nagaland Legislative Assembly election if no action is taken by the Center to extinguish the increasing religious violence across the state and country, according to the Morung Express.

"If there is no intervention move taken by the government in the present Christian persecution in India, be it National or State election, we will not support the party that does not bother on this issue while on power," said ABAM.

Nagaland is a Christian-majority state; however, the democracy status of the state has never been distorted. ABAM affirmed that Nagaland "faithfully adheres to the Constitution of India in which the observation of freedom of religion has been the beauty of the land."

The "practices of other religious faith have not been impeded nor compelled anyone to adopt Christian faith; for faith is based on one's free will," said ABAM.

It noted that the people of Naga have always aspired to build a land of peace and prosperity where all the residents and visitors alike have the benefit of the harmonious environment.

However, the present BJP led government functions only for the majority, while the minorities are oppressed and sidelined.

"Anything and everything that the majority feels and anticipates is normal whereas nothing is legal for the minorities," the ABAM claimed.

"With the present scenario, where killings of Christians, burning of churches and abandoning of welfare to the Christians are all unnoticed by the Government; the minority sections are at high stake and India may soon be at the verge of division," ABAM continued.

Therefore, the church council warned that if the right leaders are not chosen, the citizens of Naga may face "unprecedented egregious situation which may even lead to a civil war" in the near future.


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