Christians in India Unite in Prayer

Published 05 February 2018  |
Christians of different denominations attend a seminar-cum-prayer meet Jan. 20 in New Delhi marking the Week of Christian Prayer for Unity. Archbishop Anil Couto of Delhi (in white cassock), who organized the program, sits in the front row along with leaders of other churches.

Indian Christian leaders from various denominations gathered in New Delhi to observe the annual prayer week for Christian unity.

During the prayer week, held from Jan. 18 to 25, nearly 200 Christians attended the one-day seminar and prayer meet on Jan. 20 to talk on the theme, "From Conflict to Communion."

The Week of Prayer of Christian Unity, also known as Unity Octave started in1908, with an aim to dedicate a week of praying for the unity of Catholic and Protestant Christians.

Held every year, the fest of the Confessions of St Peter and the feast of the Conversion of St Paul are two significant programs in the week.

This year it was "more important and appropriate as we commemorate the 500th year of Reformation that Martin Luther started to renew the Catholic Church but ended up giving birth to Protestant churches," said Archbishop Anil Couto of Delhi, according to

A history of 500 years of conflict has nothing to do with India, and majority of Christians here do not understand the difference of denominations. Therefore, Christians need to present themselves as a united whole, said Couto.


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