Christians Are 'Salt of India': Methodist Church Head

Published 11 April 2018  |  

India is "incomplete" without Christians, the head of the Methodist Church of India for the Bengal and Lucknow regions said on April 10.

"In the Garuda Puran, it is said that when the seedha daan is offered to a guru or pandit, it should consist of rice and salt. Both in Hinduism and Christianity, salt is considered divine.... So, the Indian community is incomplete without Christians," said Bishop Philip S. Masih while addressing an event at the 141-year-old Calcutta Boys' School.

The school event was attended by several well-known old boys of the central Calcutta school - such as M.J. Akbar, the minister of state for external affairs who graduated from Calcutta Boys' in 1967. Also on the dais was Governor Keshari Nath Tripathi, who was a member of the Bharatiya Jana Sangh.

Salt is endowed with divinity and without salt, the offering is incomplete even for Hindus, he added.

Jesus had called Christians "the salt of the earth", said Masih.

"It (salt) dissolves the same way Christians should merge with society and transform it to the level it should be," he added.

Christian schools follow the same principle, he said, according to Telegraph.

"When children come to our school, we transform them into what society will demand of them.... And that is why these Christian schools have produced scientists, artists, doctors, engineers and great persons in every field," he said.

"In India, we (Christians) are a micro-minority. Therefore, this example of salt makes more sense in India," he continued.

"I'm interpreting what Christ had said.... Jesus said, 'Don't keep your identity but merge yourself wherever you are'.... You get merged in society and have society transformed.... That is the purpose of salt.... That is the purpose of the Christian community in India and the same is the purpose of the schools run by the Christian missionaries," he added.


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