Christian Women Fight Human Trafficking: Expert

Published 20 February 2018  |  
In this file photo, students from the Archdiocese of Calcutta take part in a walk for peace against human trafficking.

Christian women team in Kolkata, working under the banner "nothing short of miraculous", has saved thousands of victims of human trafficking in India.

Supported by the Arise Foundation (AF), a New York and London-based NGO, the team focuses on the grass-roots anti-slavery networks.

"India is a prime example of where women religious have networked to rescue and resettle thousands of survivors. Their network - AMRAT - brings together hundreds of sisters from all over the country and beyond working dedicatedly against this evil," Luke de Pulford, director of AF, told Crux.

Last year, the NGO gave a two days in-depth training and mutual encouragement to more than 100 religious sisters in Bengaluru.

"The work of these sisters is nothing short of miraculous. They give their lives in service of those suffering, and yet are so often overlooked by those in a position to help," said de Pulford.

"It is sustainable work done for the love of the person in front of them. They gain nothing from it. Working in partnership with them is an absolute no-brainer for Arise - this is one of our most privileged partnerships," he added.

In India, trafficked women and girls are used for sex slavery, while millions are living in forced labor.

"Great progress has been made to prevent sexual and labor exploitation through recent legislation, but there is still a huge implementation gap," said de Pulford.

"Meanwhile, successful prosecutions are vanishingly rare and the sham employment agencies which exploit so many workers all over the country remain almost totally unregulated," he added.


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