Christian Offer Aid to Flood Victims of Bangladesh

Published 30 August 2017  |  
Location of Bangladesh

Amid loss of thousands of lives and disruption of millions of people in Bangladesh due to floods from the annual monsoon rains, Church agencies and Christian organizations have stepped into the operation fields to offer aid to victims marooned in the north and northeastern parts of the country.

Dinajpur is one of the worst affected areas, followed by Rajshahi.

Caritas, a Christian charity body, has supplied food and clothes to about 6,000 people who are receiving aid in dozens of flood shelters, according to

Churches, parishes, schools, boarding hostels have all been turned into flood shelters for hundreds of people since the flood hit the country in August. Churches and Christian groups have been raising funds to supply daily needs for the deluge-victims.

"We couldn't do much to help victims at this stage, except supply food to flood shelters. Flood damage has been enormous, and we would like to offer complete rehabilitation package to victims. All will depend on the generosity of donor agencies," said Uzzal Ekka, program officer of Disaster Management, Caritas Dinajpur.

The Bangladesh Christian Association (BCA), the country's largest Christian forum, has also gathered donations and started distribution among flood victims.

"We are distributing lungi and saris for the victims. We have also collected more money, so we can buy more items as necessary. Since Eid-ul-Azha is approaching, we have focused on new clothing as Eid gifts for victims," said Nirmol Rozario, president of BCA.

On Aug. 27, Pope Francis offered prayers for the victims of devastating floods in northern India, Bangladesh, and Nepal.

"I express my closeness to all the [affected] populations, and pray for the victims and for all who suffer because of this calamity," said Pope Francis, according to Vatican Radio.


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