Christian families face social boycott; forced to convert to Hinduism

Published 09 September 2019  |  

Back in 1985, a community of 60 Christian families in Madurai, Tamil Nadu flourished and were able to pray, hold service, travel wherever they pleased and practice their faith freely.

Over the years, the situation of believers in the country has changed significantly and Christians are widely persecuted and accused of mass forced conversions by radical Hindu nationalists.

In January 2018, radical Hindus challenged this community of believers in Madurai and told they would face social boycott if they did not convert to Hinduism. Within a short period of time, the local water supply was cut off for the Christian families, and they were told not to socialize with Hindus in the neighbourhood. The radicals warned the Christians and announced if anyone found violating the new standards will be fined 5,000 rupees.

Approximately half of the Christian families have already converted to Hinduism due to intense social pressure. But around 30 families still stand firm, unwilling to give up on their faith even in the midst of hardship.

Across the nation, radical Hindus often use social boycotts and pressurize Christians to convert to Hinduism. The boycotts excludes Christian families from having basic necessities like water and electricity. They are not allowed to socialize with Hindus in the locality or even cultivate agricultural fields.


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