Christian Couple Brutally Beaten For Refusing to Deny Christ

Published 20 September 2018  |  
Christian Solidarity Worldwide.
The violence in Odisha prompted many Indian Christians to protest for better treatment.

An Indian couple was tied and beaten by a mob of neighbors over their refusal to deny Christ and participate in a local religious ritual.

Preeti and her husband (name unknown) told Open Doors USA, a nonprofit persecution watchdog, that when they refused to participate in their local ritual because they had left their "old gods" and found Christ, an angry mob of about 30 to 40 locals chased them down with spears, swords and other weapons.

Preeti said that the mob tried to rape her and even tore her clothing as they chased her.

Then the mob tied down the couple with ropes and beat them up, Open Doors reported.

"Somehow God saved me that day," said Preeti adding that she and her husband were able to escape and flee in different directions.

Preeti said that she hid in another house in the village. Although the house owners were not Christian, they allowed her to hide out there until the mob left.

Heavy rains dispersed the mob and Preeti fled to a pastor's home in the neighboring village. But she sustained multiple injuries.

"Though I am still fearful to return to my village, I am comforted by God," said Preeti.

The couple's experience is not uncommon for Christians in India.

Open Doors ranks India as the 11th worst country in the world when it comes to Christian persecution.


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