Christian Council Welcomes Hyderabad High Court's Intervention on Devadasi System

Published 18 January 2016  |  
File photo of leaders of All India Christian Council (AICC) at a press meet in Hyderabad.

All India Christian Council welcomes the directive of Hyderabad High Court to Telangana Government to frame the rule of the Andhra Pradesh Devadasi (Prohibition of Dedication) Act 1988 and grateful to the state government for prompt respond to curb the system.

The notice from the honourable High Court came after Public Interest Litigation and Writ Petition were filed by Operation Mercy India Foundation, which is an associate ministry of Good Shepherd Church of India in 2012 through its advocate Sri. M. Challapathi.

Good Shepherd Church of India (GSCI) is the member body of All India Christian Council is involved to creating transformed Dalit communities across the nation to help Dalits take advantage of today's opportunity to build a better future through education and community development in a renewed worldview.

GCSI's Anti Human trafficking unit has been working in Mahabubnagar in 100 villages. The Jogini Prevention and Awareness Program has helped stop 18 dedications and prevent 2200 in the last 2 and half years.

For at least 2,000 years, young girls and women have been dedicated to the goddess Yellamma as part of the ancient Devadasi practice. There are around 1,00,000 Joginis in the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Though the practice of dedication is more rurally oriented, there are around 200 Joginis in Hyderabad city.

The Devadasi Prevention and Abolition Dedication Act 1988 was published in the Andhra Pradesh Gazette for general information on 31-03-1988 with a view to prohibit the inhuman custom of Jogini system in Andhra Pradesh. But till date no rules have been framed under the said Act, which in turn has resulted in non-effective implementation of the Act.

All India Christian Council appeals to the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Telangana to look into the plights of Devadasis and to examine the existing bill in consultation with expertise to bring changes if needed any and frame the rules accordingly.

The All India Christian Council is a registered inter-denominational body of over 2,000 member groups working with local, state and the national government in the areas of development, protection and education of the girl child, anti-human trafficking, and religious freedom and protection for people of all faiths. The All India Christian Council takes initiative in communal peacemaking and reconciliation. It has associate members who are leaders of other faiths. The All India Christian Council works to uphold the integrity and unity of India and its Constitution.

Released by: Rev. Madhu Chandra, National Administrator, All India Christian Council (AICC) Mobile phone: +91-9100-952-490


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