Christian brothers in Odisha attacked for their faith

Published 17 December 2019

Two Christian brothers in Odisha's Malkangiri district were attacked and beaten by Hindu radicals when one of the brothers tried to reconcile with his wife on December 12.

According to local Christians, both Hinga Madakami and his wife had converted to Christianity, but the relationship split last year when the wife reconverted to Hinduism fearing the local Hindu extremists.

The radicals had threatened the wife saying she would lose her job as a cook in a government nursery school if she did not recant her faith.

After reconverting, the wife insisted her husband to give up Christianity and reconvert to Hinduism. But Hinga refused.

Sometime later, Hinga was kicked out of his job because of his faith and he ran out of his village, Dodiguda.

On December 12, Hinga and his brother Bima, a member of the Odisha Auxiliary Force, were invited to a meeting in Dodiguda. It was the assembly of villagers where Hinga was to reconcile with his reconverted wife.

The radicals used this opportunity to attack the two Christian brothers and beat them severely.

Bima quickly video called the local police and showed his injuries. The authorities rushed to the place and rescued the two brothers from the radicals.

An FIR was filed against the radicals who attacked the two Christian brothers.


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