China Breaks Into Church, Arrests Worshippers for Holding Sunday Service

Published 29 November 2017  |  
Christians were arrested during their Sunday church service

Chinese police have broke into a house church service in Guangdong province and arrested at least 13 worshippers for holding a Sunday service, as the officials of the Communist Party continue to crackdown on Christian activities.

The police have reportedly confiscated Bibles and other church materials, said China Aid, a Christian human rights organization.

"During a Sunday morning worship service at Qingcaodi Church on November 5, a team of police officers and religious affairs bureau personnel invaded a small house church and accused those gathered there of holding religious services at unapproved sites," said a spokesman for China Aid, according to Sunday Express.

"They then confiscated Bibles and other Christian materials belonging to the church and brought 13 Christians to the Xincheng Police Station," he said.

"There, they were questioned and forced to stay until their information was entered into the database and transcripts of their interrogation were filled out," he added.

The Chinese Communist Party under Xi Jinping recently has launched a major crackdown campaign on religious activities and exercising control over freedom of religion.

Thousands of Christians in the Yugan County in Jiangxi province have reportedly been asked to replace images of Jesus Christ with those of President Xi Jinping if they want to receive government benefits to alleviate poverty.

Also unregistered churches have been put under strict surveillance with hundreds of Christians arrested for conducting bible studies and displaying crucifixes outside their homes.


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