Catholics Mark 1st World Day of Poor by Giving Food, Clothes

Published 29 November 2017  |

Marking the first World Day of the Poor instituted by Pope Francis, the Catholic church in India celebrated the day on Nov. 19 by giving away money, food packages and clothes to the people on the streets.

The Catholics have made long-term commitments to share resources with those in need.

The Eastern Syro-Malabar Church, constituting 34 dioceses, used their resources to give to the needy.

Fr Jimmy Poochakkat, the church spokesperson, said contributions included food, clothes and some money to the poor.

The Syro-Malankara Church constituting 14 dioceses has also undertaken a series of charitable activities.

"As far as we are concerned charity is an on-going process," said Fr Bovas Mathew Meloottu, church spokesperson.

Some victims of leprosy in Madhya Pradesh received local delicacy which was cooked by the parishioners of the Indore Diocese.

"Church members are very generously contributing for the purpose of charity," said Cardinal Oswald Gracias of Bombay, head of the Latin rite bishops' conference.

He urged all Christians to help make the world "more Christ-like."

In 2016, Francis instituted the World Day of the Poor. This year the day fell on Sunday Nov. 19.

"Pope Francis has ceaselessly been reminding us about special care for the poor," said Gracias.


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