BJP activists attack Christian inauguration ceremony in West Bengal

Published 01 January 2020  |  

A mob of 20 Hindu radicals led by BJP activists attacked local Christians in Uttar Shibrampur, West Bengal when they were inaugurating a community hall dedicated to Jesus Christ on December 29.

Around 800 people from 28 villages had gathered for the inauguration ceremony.

The radicals attacked the participants, shouted slogans of "Jai Shri Ram" and forcefully placed triangular saffron flag with "Om" written on it in the community hall.

Four people, including two children, suffered injuries in the attack.

One of the local pastors said that of the 800 people who had gathered for the inauguration, hardly 10 were Christians.

According to local reports, the radicals attacked the Christian ceremony because they believed the community will be used for converting many Hindus to Christianity.

So far, police have arrested three men involved in the attack, and they said all three accused are BJP activists.


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