Benny Prasad sets world record globetrotting for Christ

Published 10 January 2011  |  
From being a severe asthma patient to attempting suicide at the age of 16, Benny Prasad has been through it all. But ever since he encountered God, his life has taken a complete U-turn. Today, the Christian instrumental musician is the fastest person to have travelled every country in the world.

On November 25 2010, Benny concluded his world tour in Karachi, Pakistan. The World Records Academy USA, Limca Book of Records and India Book of Records has acknowledged the Bangalore-based musician's feat of having travelled 245 nations including Antarctica in 6 years, 6 months and 22 days.

In fact it was not a rage for world record that made Benny achieve this feat. It was rather his passion to share God's message of hope and healing to the world. More than his music, it is his testimony that has inspired and changed lives.

"I am so grateful to God for having used an ordinary person like me to share the Good News to many through music. There is no greater joy than serving Christ," says Benny.

As a boy, Benny suffered from severe asthma that caused damage to his lungs and immune system. The doctors gave up hope and he was completely bedridden. "It was at this juncture of hopelessness," says Benny, "Christ brought healing, comfort and hope for the future."

"Firstly, God gave me a reason to live. Then He gave me a purpose and motivation for the future. He put in me a vision to travel, and all the countries I have visited, I paid my own ticket. God has been my faithful provider," he adds.

During his world tour, Benny has performed before Presidents and Parliaments, and not to mention the 2004 Olympic Games, 2006 FIFA World Cup and 2007 Military World Games among other major international events.

"In fact what boosted my journey so far have been the stories of changed lives. People come and share how depressed they were and after the concert how they feel confident and full of hope," says Benny.

"So it is not just about playing music, it is more about lives being being recharged. This is more exciting than any records," he told Christian Today.

Benny continues to use his testimony and music as tools for infusing hope into lives of people. His 'Bentar' guitar, the only one in the world with six instruments, is a unique masterpiece.


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