Believers in New Delhi protest against growing church attacks and Christian persecutions

Published 04 September 2019  |  

On August 31, more than 100 Christians in New Delhi gathered in Jantar Mantar and protested against the growing church attacks and persecutions of believers in the country.

Addressing the protesters, Minakshi Singh, activist and the event organizer said, "Christians are persecuted in India. We are fighting for our fundamental Rights—right to worship as citizens of this country. Thus we are ambled here to protest against all forms of violence, persecution, injustice and discrimination perpetuated on Christians and churches.

"The right to worship is everyone's Constitutional Right. Some people want to divide India on religion basis. This is uncalled for in a democratic country."

She called the idea of people trying to accuse churches with conversion charges totally wrong and that they are fake allegations.

Himanshu Aggarwal, another organizer said, "We are fighting for our rights. In the month of November we will hold a large protest against the persecution. The federal government needs to shop these shameful allegations against Christians."

As a religious minority, the protesters sent a letter to Federal Home Minister Amit Shah to draw his attention on the growing persecution against believers and churches in the country.

The letter stated that "Atrocities and persecutions against Christians are rampant in the country. Christians are more and more feeling insecure and their basic fundamental rights, including right to workshop of their choice is being snatched away day by day."


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