Bangladesh Laments Esteemed Mother of 6 Priests and Nuns

Published 22 November 2017  |
Josephine Corraya, 82, a prominent Catholic mother in Bangladesh at a Church-run clinic in Gazipur district on May 5.

A Bangladeshi Catholic, who is a mother of three priests and three nuns and also the one who won a prestigious national award for her humble and committed life of service passed away Nov. 9. She was 82.

Josephine Corraya died in a hospital in Dhaka while she was undergoing treatment for various ailments, including a stroke she suffered on Oct. 28.

Last year, Corraya was awarded the Ratnagarva Maa (mothers of excellent personalities), a esteemed national award initiated to honor successful mothers across Bangladesh, thanks to her dedicated life of service through educating her children. Of her 10 children, three are priests and three are nuns.

"Josephine Corraya sacrificed her whole life for the church and society. Through her life of prayer and service she has inspired many people in society," said Fr Kamal Corraya, Dhaka Archdiocese told

"She is a great inspiration for mothers ... the Church and society need more women like her," he said.

Her eldest son Fr Theotonius P. Rebeiro, specialized in canon law, is a professor at Holy Spirit Major Seminary and chancellor of Dhaka Archdiocese, another son Fr Leonard C. Rebeiro is a parish priest in Chittagong Archdiocese and the youngest son, Fr Augustine Bulbul Rebeiro is the director of the Catholic bishops' communication center.

Corraya, who wanted to become nun, was given in marriage at the age of 15 to a poor farmer, who died in 1983 when their youngest child was seven years old. Her struggle to educate her children and raise them as servants of Christ for the wellbeing of the society is truly inspirational.


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