Authorities in Uttar Pradesh work in tandem with perpetrators of violence against minorities

Published 14 January 2020  |  

Christians and other religious minorities in Uttar Pradesh face harsher treatment from local police as the authorities work in tandem with the radical Hindu extremists, reports from Morning Star News says.

Dinanath Jaiswar, a volunteer with ADF India, told Morning Star News that "The UP police force is very different from the rest of India. They are very brash in their dealings with Muslim and Christian minorities, and there have been several cases of violence in police custody."

"It has become a trend that a batch of Hindu extremists barge inside Christian homes and accuse them of proselytizing Hindus to Christianity. When Christians deny the accusations and restrain them from disrupting the prayers, they (the extremists) use the police to take the Christians into custody," Jaiswar explained.

"It does not take long for a police officer here to lose his temper and thrash a person in custody," Jaiswar added.

According to the National Crime Records Bureau, most of the cases reported against the police stations in several districts in Uttar Pradesh were under the categories of infliction of injury and grievous hurt, and torture.

Instead of protecting the religious minorities in the state, the Uttar Pradesh police often works in tandem with the Hindu extremists perpetrating the mob violence.

According to ADF India, in 2019 alone, 300 incidents of mob attacks against Christians were reported of which only 40 were prosecuted by police.


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