Archbishop hails Obama's Nobel Peace Prize win

Published 13 October 2009  |  
The awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to US President Barack Obama has cheered the Archbishop of Bangalore Bernard Moras.

The Archbishop hailed the decision of the Norwegian Nobel Committee to award a person who has pledged to see a world free of nuclear arms, and has substantially contributed to world peace.

President Obama, according to the five-member committee, has "created a new climate in international politics", and his "vision of a world free from nuclear arms has powerfully stimulated disarmament and arms control negotiations."

While the decision has created a flutter elsewhere, the Archbishop opines that in a world divided by violence and bloodshed, people who stand for peace must be applauded and supported.

He was also pleased by the response of Obama that many more deserve to be awarded for their efforts to promote peace.

"The Church is appreciative of anyone who strives for the promotion of peace in the world and peace between the people of different faiths," Archbishop Moras was quoted saying by SAR News.

The Archbishop also equally praised the Nobel Prize in Chemistry won by Venkatraman Ramakrishnanan, an Indian-born scientist, and said it was a pride for the nation.

"It is not only a pride for us, but also a pat on the shoulder that we Indians are as good as the rest of the world," the Archbishop said.

The Nobel Committee awarded the Prize to Dr Ramakrishnan for his work on protein-producing ribosomes, and its translation of DNA information into life.


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