Angry Hindu radicals want Christians dead for screening a religious movie

Published 11 September 2019  |  

On August 23, a mob of Hindus radicals attacked around 100 Christians who were watching the Christian movie "He Will Come Again" in Bihar's Jamalpur village. The radicals were so furious that they demanded the person who organized the screening to be dead.

Ten minutes before the movie was about to end, one of the radicals stood before the screen and started shouting "Who is the operator here? Who is the operator here?" and demanded the Christians to lower the volume to an extent where no one was able to hear anything.

Immanuel Tirkey, one of the movie organizers, told Morning Star News that the batch of Hindu villagers abused them with filthy language, scattered the congregation and besieged the house, and a mob of 250 angry, upper-caste Hindus showed up with lathis and steel rods.

The Hindus surrounded the home and wanted to kill the movie organizers on the accusation that they were trying to convert Hindus to Christianity. The Christians soon called the local authorities and the mob was dispersed.

Believers across the country are under continuous threat because of the frequency of attacks on churches, worship places and Christian gatherings. Many claim such religious intolerance has increased after the BJP government came to power in 2014.


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