All Christian denominations to unite in prayer of hope on Pentecost

Published 28 May 2020  |  

On the feast of Pentecost, all the Christian denominations in the country will unite in prayers asking for God's special protection for frontline workers as they serve the people of the nation during the pandemic.

The Prayer of Hope program includes Christians praying for doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, grocers, farmers, police and other law and order enforcing personals, truckers, those maintaining supply of electricity, water and other essential services.

"As we struggle through these unprecedented times, we come united as one, believing for a better tomorrow, believing for a Covid-free India," said a press release issued by Indore-based Christian Media Forum.

"We abide by the law of the land, and we bring our voices, our prayers and ring the church bell to resonate the sound of hope to every corner of our nation, as per the directives in place," the press release added.

Pentecost is the day when the Holy Spirit came down upon the Apostles and followers of Christ while they were gathered in Jerusalem. "It is the day that the Church was formed and is hence a very solemn and important day for the community," the press release explained.

The program also includes ringing of all churches and Christian institutions bells together at 12 noon, followed by the singing of the famous Christian hymn "How Great Thou Art."

It will conclude with all Christians saying the Lord's prayer and singing the National Anthem from wherever they are.


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