Aamir Khan's debut TV show focus on female foeticide

Published 07 May 2012
Bollywood star Aamir Khan's much anticipated TV debut has brought to fore the shameful practice of female foeticide that is rampant in India's urban and rural areas.

The first episode of 'Satyamev Jayate' was telecast on Star Plus and Doordarshan on Sunday.

The one-and-a-half-hour programme had mothers from different parts of the country talk about the pressure and the problems they faced for delivering a girl child.

The show started with the case of Amisha Yagnik from Ahmedabad who was forced to abort her female unborn child six times in eight years.

It further highlighted the collusion of families, doctors and a social structure that encourages the desire for a boy child at any cost.

The result has been the death of over 3 crore unborn girls since independence and a generation of young men, many amongst whom will find it very tough to get a life partner.

In a moving appeal, Aamir appealed to the people of India to bring this social evil to an end.

"I will give you a magic wand. It is the decision of all of you sitting in the audience and watching this show to not allow female foeticide in your family. If you all make this resolve, the process of change has begun," the veteran actor said.

The show, dubbed in four southern languages, has got the famous Ramayana and Mahabharta slot (Sunday 11 am).

"I wanted to telecast my show on Sunday morning. I want each family to watch the show and connect with it," Aamir told reporters.

"I can only say I have made this show with complete honesty and without compromising on anything."

"I am not attempting to change anybody's life. I don't have the strength to change anyone's life. I am not interested in changing the world. Who am I to change anyone's life? I can only connect to them emotionally and empathise," the actor-producer was quoted saying.


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