70-year old Christian Man Accused of Blasphemy Dies in Pakistan

Published 09 November 2017  |  
A small band of Pakistani Christians and supporters protest against the use of blasphemy laws in Pakistan as an excuse for the persecution of minorities

A 70-year old Pakistani Christian man who was accused of "blasphemy" against Islam has died.

Mukhtar Masih, who was released on bail in May this year, died on Nov. 2. However, it is not clear how he passed away.

"He was facing trial on the blasphemy charges that he had written blasphemous messages and affixed them to the door of a local Mosque. These were false accusations," said Sardar Mushtaq Gill, head of Pakistan-based Legal Evangelical Association Development (LEAD) group.

Allegations against Masih were part of efforts by Muslim hardliners to seize his property, said local Christians.

Masih, a Christian from Gujranwala in Punjab province was detained on Jan. 28 along with his entire family, including three grandchildren, after he allegedly made offensive remarks about the Koran, deemed a holy book by Muslims, and Islam's prophet, Mohammed.

Later, except Masih, all were released but were forced to go into hiding, according to BosNewsLife.


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