500,000 Faithful Attend Prayer Led by Evangelist Anne Graham Lotz at Telangana

Published 02 February 2018  |  
Anne Graham Lotz at an evangelistic event in India in January 2018.

Nearly 5,00,000 people attended a prayer meeting led by Evangelist Anne Graham Lotz earlier this month at Parade Grounds, Secunderabad to pray for the state and the country.

Organised by Christian Council of Telangana, the second annual "National Day of Prayer," was led by Lotz, daughter of U.S-based evangelist Billy Graham (William Franklin Graham Jr.).

Lotz preached the importance of prayer. She emphasized on action, which lifts up faith, and that it was the connection between the man and the God.

Thousands of faithful attendees arrived on trains, buses, and other forms of transportation from the countryside.

According to police estimates, as many as 500,000 people in total attended the prayer meeting held on Jan. 5.

"Anne preached on Daniel the prophet. She explained from Daniel 9 that 'one man, who knew God and prayed, moved heaven and changed a nation.' Then she challenged those present to pray as Daniel did," said Vicki Bentley, a member of AnGeL Ministries Board who traveled with Lotz.

"As far as the eye could see and beyond, people cried out to heaven, agreeing together as Anne led in prayer for personal and national revival," he added.

Bishops from different denominations, including the Roman Catholic Church, Church of South India and Methodist churches, actively participated in the event.


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