5 Christian books that can help emotional healing

Published 05 April 2016  |  

There are vast numbers of Christian books, and many that are about healing.

1. Let the healing begin by Jeannie Morgan

I found this little gem a few months ago. It's a great book, particularly as it's easy to read and digest and not too complicated. People I've lent it to have said they found it helpful. It's a very gracious and kind walk through some common emotional difficulties that Christians face in their walk with Christ. The author, Jeannie Morgan, works for Soul Survivor and has gone through an emotional healing journey herself, and she includes parts of her own testimony in the book as well as the stories of others' healing. There are prayers throughout the book for each topic.

2. The Bondage Breaker by Neil Anderson

Neil Anderson has become well-known for creating the Freedom in Christ course, which is aimed at helping people break free from spiritual and emotional problems. But he's also been a prolific author in the area of emotional healing. Struggling with pastoral ministry and how to help people get free, he found that certain keys would help people from spiritual attack – including repentance and really knowing our identity in Christ as a person loved, redeemed and valued by God. He condenses these ideas in all his books. The Bondage Breaker is one of the first, and certainly a classic in the area.

3. Experiencing the Father's embrace by Jack Frost

If you struggle to feel or believe in God's love for you, this book is a cracker. Jack Frost found deliverance from addictions to drugs, alcohol and porn when he met with God for the first time. But he describes his first years as a Christian as desperately seeking approval through performance within church. He entered the ministry in this place, but ended up burned out. He was living a Christian life that didn't have great moral failures, but it was without warmth and tenderness towards his family and with a lot of legalism. Eventually God revealed to him the wounds that caused him to live like this, and he found greater freedom. This book is a collection of what he learned about living under grace rather than the law, using Scripture and his ministry experience.

4. How People Grow by Dr Henry Cloud and Dr John Townsend

This pairing are well known for their book Boundaries and other titles that are related to spiritual healing and well-being. How People Grow is an overview of spiritual growth that sees such learning as rooted in Scripture and in church community. The book is in a format that can be used within a house group, with questions and suggestions at the end of each chapter. An in-depth and inspiring read.

5. Tired of trying to measure up, by Jeff VanVonderen

I'd recommend this book for Christians who have been around church a long time, and have found that guilt, legalism and dryness have crept in to their spiritual walk. This author has written other interesting books about spiritual abuse and healthy relationships, and this is a related topic: how to spot perfectionism, shame and other people's unreasonable demands in our spiritual life. It's not the last word on the subject, but it's a helpful start to freeing ourselves from burdens that shouldn't be ours.


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