3 Ministers of Mission India Arrested

Published 06 August 2018  |  

Three Christian ministry partners of Mission India were arrested last week on forced conversion charges.

The ministers were involved in sharing the Gospel through Adult Literacy Classes, Children's Bible Clubs, and Church Planter Training.

Christians are no strangers to persecution; however, this series of arrests was unusual, said Erik Morsehead, head of Mission India.

"To have three partners arrested like that in quick succession was somewhat rare for us to see," he said.

"Basically, each one of them [was] arrested for, as people would say, forcing those who aren't Christians to be converted into Christians. It's typically a line that we see from time to time being extended to our partners and it's just an easy way to kind of rile up everyone," he added, according to MNN.

Two of the three ministry partners were released after lengthy interrogation. Another is still in police custody.

Despite persecution, Christian ministry is expanding in India, said Morsehead.

"In some cases, they are strengthened and emboldened. [They say,] 'We know we're doing God's work and we now we're doing it correctly. We're not forcing anyone to make a decision that they don't want to make,'" he said.

"It's one of the most powerful things I have ever experienced in my life is watching people [who], despite being persecuted, they continue to do what God has called them to do," he added.


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