3 Bible Figures Who Will Inspire Us To Trust God For Everything

Published 09 March 2017  |  

The Bible teaches all the faithful to trust in God for everything, and when it says "everything," it means everything. There's no need that God can't meet, no longing that God can't satisfy, no hurt that God can't heal, and no danger or enemy that God cannot defeat. In fact, He has already won over the enemy thousands of years ago.

Despite that, we humans tend to lean towards the negative, expecting that something wrong will happen. I know that some of us won't admit to that, but I'm pretty sure that in one way or another we really haven't trusted God for everything – be it finances, relationships, safety and security, emotional health, and even physical healing. We need to put our faith in Him, not in what could possibly go wrong.

As such, here are some Bible figures who will inspire us to trust God for everything – even the things we wouldn't care to ask of Him.


In Joshua 2, we read how Rahab protected Israel's spies and sent them a safe way back to Israel's camp. Later, we read how she was saved when God allowed the nation of Israel to enter the Promised Land. Now, we read of Rahab as part of the messianic lineage of Christ (see Matthew 1:5), and as an example of a person of faith (see Hebrews 11:31).

Rahab's story reminds us of God's saving power. She was a harlot (prostitute), but because she allied herself with God, she was given a new future. She was given a new life.


Ruth's life shows us that God is concerned with even the littlest of things: our food, our protection, our family, and even our marriage.

The short book of Ruth shows us that she decided to make Naomi's God her God, and this resulted to many things: God gave her a family in Naomi, and eventually Boaz; God provided her needs for food and security; and God gave real purpose and meaning to her life.

Like Rahab, she also became part of Christ's royal lineage (see Matthew 1:5).

Joseph, The Son Of Jacob

Joseph's life is full of unexpected twists and turns, humanly speaking. He was thrown into a cistern, sold as a slave, and his history was forged so that his own father would think he was truly gone. But God the Father didn't forget him.

We read in Genesis how God kept bestowing favour upon favour on Joseph. He was abused and cast out by his brothers (see Genesis 37); he was accused and wrongly imprisoned (see Genesis 39); he was forgotten by some of his friends (see Genesis 40).

But God didn't abandon him, destroy him, and forget him. Eventually, God raised him up to be the second most powerful man in Egypt (see Genesis 41).

Joseph's story reminds us that God will fulfill His plans for us. No matter what kind of abuse or hurt we will go through, God will satisfy us and fill us with such joy, love, and hope.


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